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I believe in a holistic, mind, body, spirit, model of therapy. Please know that there is a safe place where you can go and feel free to be yourself. Making a change can be a challenge, and guided support can help navigate the obstacles.
Let's figure it out together.

let's take a look at everything you experience in your body and mind collective, and help you reach your fullest potential

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If you're facing anxiety, depression, adjustment disorder, or a change in career path, I can walk with you to help you find the right path.

individual therapy

I work with couples both marital and premarital. If your relationship has issues that you just can't seem to get through together, I will help work through them with you as a team.

couples therapy

Trauma can be especially difficult to face alone. I will create a non-judgemental environment for you to explore and move through the trauma you have experienced.

trauma therapy

Parenthood can be tough to navigate, even before little one gets here. You don't have to go through infertility, pregnancy, or new-parenthood alone.

perinatal therapy

Practiced for thousands of years to realign the body's vibration, using singing bowls or crystal bowls to create frequencies that help the body to balance, improving mental health issues and emotional wellbeing.

SOUND therapy

Movement is a way to take advantage of the connection between mind and body, and to express conscious and unconscious emotions. We use body movements to inspire mental changes.

DANCE therapy

A little about me

diana rosen

Diana helps individuals find their way through emotional pain and into relief and joy applying evidence-based approaches and holistic approach.

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Are you ready to work through what's holding you back?

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by looking at everything you experience holistically in body, mind, and spirit, we can make small changes to make a big impact on how you feel

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